jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

I love running

It´s comforting to see how running is loved in similar ways all over the world.
I´ve been having a quick look at this page and I could see some of the same feelings I´ve experienced or shared with others.

4 comentarios:

Gregorio Toribio Álvarez dijo...

I also love running and "blogging", he, he. Maybe I am very busy with these hobbies but I think I am quite happy doing it. Kind regards

Tecolinha dijo...

Very, very, busy, yes, I´ve got that feeling too, but... I can´t stop it!

We may be in the way to...
which one do you like most?? :-)

Ramón Doval dijo...

"BLOGSWIMBIKERUNEANDO", that's the word in Spanish. ¡Great fun!
Nice to find your page.

Tecolinha dijo...

Welcome, ramón, and THANK YOU FOR THE WORD, HEHE. I´m thinking of adding a list of new words...:-)
or perhaps a whole dictionary??
Let´s start with a list, yes, good idea, you´ve been inspiring!